Furuno DRS4D-Next 24″ Radom 36nm. 4kW 20m kablo dahil, magnetronsuz

Furuno DRS4D-Next 24″ Radom 36nm. 4kW 20m kablo dahil, magnetronsuz

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NXT,Solid-State pulse compression Doppler Radar

Revolutionary Target Analyzer function instantly identifies hazardous targets

Fast Target Tracking,up to 100 targets

RezBoost beam sharpening,equivalent to2 degree beam width open array

Compact 24” radome with 25 W output power

Bird Mode,track birds to find the best fishing grounds

Simple installation,no need to open the radome,external PSU is not required

New smart-connector cable for retro fitting existing DRS cable installations

No warm-up time

Type :ø610 mm Radome (24″)
Beam Width :Horizontal 3.9° typical (-3dB) Adjustable between 2° and 3.9° (effective with RezBoost control) Vertical 25°
Frequency :Ch P0N (MHz) Q0N (MHz)
                9380 9400
                9400 9420
                9420 9440
Pulselength & PRR :P0N 0.08 µs to 1.2 µs/1100 Hz Q0N 5 µs to 18 µs/1100 Hz
Peak Output Power :Solid-state,25 W
Range Scales :0.0625 to 36 nm  In dual range mode,range is limited to 12 nm
ARPA TARGET TRACKING :Up to 100 targets
POWER SUPPLY :12-24 VDC: 2.5-1.3 A
ENVIRONMENT :Temperature -25°C to +55°C Humidity 93% or less at +40°C Waterproofing IP26
1. Antenna Unit :RSB-135-115
2. Cable Assembly :10/15/20/30m
3. Spare Parts
1. Radome Mount :OP03-208
2. Retrofit Kit :OP03-239
3. LAN Cable :2/5/10 m
4. Joint Box :TL-CAT-012


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